Sizing Guide

Small 9"-13"
Medium 13"-17"
Medium - Martingale & Slip Collar
Large 16"-20"
XLarge 19"-23"
XXLarge   22"-26"
How to Measure

Please ensure you measure your dogs neck size prior to ordering. To get the most accurate measurement, use a flexible measuring tape and wrap it around the part of the neck where you would like the collar to sit with 1-2 fingers between the measuring tape and their neck. Mark the size on the measuring tape with your finger.

Our measurements listed are the available adjustments of the collar. They are measured while unbuckled and lying flat along the measuring tape.

Slip Collars

Please take the dogs head size into consideration when choosing a slip collar size. There are no buckles on these and the dog's head must fit through the collar in order to put on.

Slip collar sizes listed is the exact length of the material. Do not use your dog's snug neck size as your selected size as the collar wont have room to tighten.   

If your dog's head size is larger than its neck size, use the head size as your measurement. 


Our adjustable martingale collars have 5 inches of adjustable options (belt buckle style). These sizes are measured when the chain is loose and it is important to remember that the chain will tighten up to ~3.5-4 inches when pulled on. This normally means that the dog will wear a martingale collar approximately 1.5"-2" larger than their neck size to allow for the chain to tighten.

When a martingale is properly fit, the two rings holding the chain should not touch when pulled with a leash. The position of the collar comes down to personal preference. 

E Collar Straps

The E Collar is meant to sit snug, high up on your dogs neck (point 'B' in below diagram). Do not use your dogs standard collar size as they often sit lower on the neck (point 'C' in below diagram).

Please remember that the sizing is different once you slip the strap through the E Collar receiver as my measurements are based on the material laying flat.

Additional Information 

If you are unsure about sizing, please email me at or contact us on Instagram @dapper.dingo. 


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