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Detachable Leash (Add-On)

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**This listing is for a detachable leash used as an attachment for the Waist Leash. If you are looking for a standard leash, click here**

*This listing comes with only the leash attachment (grey leash in photo)*

*Additional Option: you may add a set of O-rings to have 2 sliding O-rings on your Waist Leash*

Detachable Leash: 4ft or 6ft options. Once removed, one end can be clipped onto the O-ring to be used as a standard leash with handle or to tether your dog when taking a break. 

Leash length is length of material (not including hardware) from one buckle to the other. 

All leashes are made with 3/4" Biothane®. They come standard with a scissor snap clip.

NOTE: Stainless steel scissor snap clip is used when 'nickel plated' hardware is selected

About Biothane: All of our products use Biothane®. The polyester webbing with PVC coating makes our products more durable, waterproof, easy to clean, and stinkproof.

Hardware: Nickel Plated (Stainless Steel clasp) or Brass

Care: Easily washes with a little soap, quick scrub, and rinse under warm water. Your accessories will be ready for your next adventure in no time!



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