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Leash Coupler

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All leash couplers are made with 3/4" Biothane®. They come standard with scissor snap clips and are 12" in length. Measurement listed is length of material without hardware. Due to material and hardware used, it is best used on medium-large dogs.

Only select an accent colour if you are looking to have your coupler with two different coloured straps. Otherwise, select 'no secondary colour'. 

*This listing only comes with the leash coupler, additional collars and leashes must be purchased separately*

NOTE: Stainless steel scissor snap clip is used when 'nickel plated' hardware is selected

About Biothane: All of our products use Biothane®. The polyester webbing with PVC coating makes our products more durable, waterproof, easy to clean, and stinkproof.

Hardware: Nickel Plated (Stainless Steel clasp) or Brass

Care: Easily washes with a little soap, quick scrub, and rinse under warm water. Your accessories will be ready for your next adventure in no time!



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