About Our Business

Dapper Dingo is about sustainable products that focus on ensuring they last through the demanding lifestyle of our favourite adventure companions.

We are committed to supporting local rescues. At this time, 10% of all proceeds will go directly to Tango's Lead Canine Rescue.

Tango's Lead Canine Rescue
  • Belt & Leash

    The most customizable, handsfree option of our leashes. The belt is adjustable to allow for a perfect fit.

    Need to carry a couple extra items? Make sure to loop a treat pouch through the belt!

    Find the set here 
  • Adjustable O-Rings

    Extra rings can be added onto your belt to move where you want your leash(es) to be clipped. You may clip multiple leashes on a single ring. An extra pair of rings are useful for multi-dog households if you want them in different positions.

    Find them here 
  • Detachable Leash

    Once removed, one end can be clipped onto the O-ring to be used as a standard leash with handle or to tether your dog when taking a break. 

    Find it here 
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